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As President and CEO of his consulting company, Tavenor & Associates Inc., David offers his services to prospective clients by leveraging his comprehensive background in telecommunications, his extensive government network and his experience in corporate aviation. He has aligned himself with a group of experienced advisors from municipal government utilities and aviation field.

David Tavenor is a pioneer in the telecommunications industry, having served with Rogers Communications Inc. (RCI) for 48 years. While at RCI, he served initially as Engineering Manager, responsible for a staff of 248 persons. During his career, he assumed increased responsibilities within the corporation, culminating in his current appointment as National Director, Municipal & Utility Liaison.

In that capacity, he has been instrumental in securing access agreements with municipalities and successful in negotiating hydro pole access agreements, as well as numerous other agreements and deals with agencies, boards and commissions. In addition, he has led discussions with municipalities and ratepayer groups regarding the siting of cellular towers. In this capacity, he has built an extensive network of contacts across the Province of Ontario, a key factor in building an impressive track record of success.

In addition to his career in telecommunications and consulting, David is an accomplished aviator and is qualified as a commercial pilot. He also completed the construction of a home-built aircraft which he test-flew and he won the Canadian Aerobatic Sportsman Champion in 1981.

In recognition of his distinguished career in aviation, David was awarded the rare and singular honour of being one of the first Canadians to be designated an Honorary Snowbird by the Canadian Forces Snowbird Air Demonstration Team.


NBAA Airfoil 2008-Member

NBAA Airfoil 2008-Member

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